All compositions and arrangements are written by nationally-recognized guitarist and music educator Dr. Leo Welch. This book contains 32 pages and is designed for the advanced first or early second-year player. It includes some performance notes, historical notes, and a reference glossary of terms and symbols. No page turns.


  • Swing Low (with a beat!) (Traditional)
  • Ja-Da (Carlton)
  • Ja-Da Blues (Welch)
  • You’re a Grand Old Flag (Patriotic)
  • The Ghosts of the Mountains (Welch)
  • Down in Chattanooga (Berlin)
  • Soft Shell Shuffle (Welch)
  • She’ll be Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain
  • (Traditional)
  • Bourree (J.S. Bach)
  • Moon over Ruined Castle (Japanese)
  • The British Grenadiers (Trad. British)
  • When Irish Eyes are Smiling (Irish Folk)
  • The Union Reel (Trad. Irish)
  • Farewell to Ireland (Trad. Irish)
  • La Virginella (Early American)
  • Cancion (Ponce)
  • La Valentina (Ponce)
  • Malaguena (Welch)


  • In each tune one part requires upper position or playing in drop D while other parts remain in first position
  • Songs in 3, 4 and 5 parts
  • Lyrics provided for alternative performance
  • Performance techniques such as: palm mute, pizzicato, harmonics, snare drum effect, and percussion effects

Page Samples

Soft Shell Shuffle

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