First Year Guitar Video Support Series

This series contains more than 60 videos directly linked to the curricular content and pacing of the First Year Guitar student text. In many respects, it “brings to life” written descriptions of playing drills and activities contained in the FYG Teacher Manual.

Free Videos

Not sure if you want to purchase the entire video series yet? No problem! You can preview three videos from the support series below.

First Year Guitar Video #7 (Unit 1): The A Progression

In this video (#7 of 59 in the FYG Video series), Ed takes the students through the initial steps of learning the A progression.  Fingerings, switching drills and strumming drills are presented.  Getting your students off to a great start is critical to the school year and this early video in the series serves to reinforce your instruction both conceptually and visually in a highly engaging video medium.

First Year Guitar Video #30 (Unit 2): Notation on Strings 6 and 5

After students have been prepared physically and conceptually, it is time to read some notes!  This video (#30 of 59 in the series), presents students (and teachers) with a specific sequence of steps for preparing a line of notation which includes: note naming, rhythm tapping, touching the strings, and individual practice.

First Year Guitar Video #55 (Unit 10) Power Chord Blues and “Hot Clean” amp tone

Electric guitar, Blues and 50’s Rock styles, amp tone settings, powerchords, music theory, and some fun…this video has it all!

At this point in the First Year Guitar textbook, a very solid foundation of performance skills has been laid and it is time to officially venture into electric guitar playing.  This video (#55 of 59 in the series) is actually the second video on the subject of electric guitar playing techniques and amp knob settings.  In conjunction with the textbook, students will (should) become proficient at achieving an “authentic” amp tone for the song or riff they are playing.  This subject, as with a few others, may be foreign to the non-guitarist music educator thus making this video very valuable to all persons in the classroom.

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