This text contains a 90-day exploratory curriculum for Middle School and upper Elementary levels. The audio CD includes acoustic recordings of all ensembles within the text. The Teacher Manual is available with daily lesson plans plus reproducible exams, worksheets, and practice pages. SKILLS DEVELOPED: Em Am G D A7 C D7 chords learned and applied in ensembles, standard notation. Without Audio CD $10.95; With CD-$19.95.


  • Introduction to guitar
  • Elements of Rhythm Guitar
  • Music Styles: Folk songs
  • Adding the Bass Line; notes on strings 6 & 5
  • Music Styles: Reggae; notes on strings 4 & 3
  • Music Styles: Blues; notes on strings 2 & 1
  • Music Styles: Classical
  • Music Styles: Rock and Roll


  • Glossary of terms
  • All styles applied in at least one ensemble
  • Additional multicultural ensembles
  • Lead sheets

Designed for middle school application, this text contains 44 pages of skill-based instruction leading to a cumulative performance. In other words, you build the semester concert as you proceed through the curriculum.

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