Compositions and arrangements are written by Dawn C. Wooderson and Nancy Marsters. This book contains 32 pages and is designed for the first-year player. It includes some performance notes, historical notes, and a reference glossary of terms and symbols. No page turns are required. The contents include a variety of styles.


  • Minka (Russian)
  • La Bergamasca (16th century)
  • Psalm 84 (Schutz)
  • Russian Folk Dance
  • O the Beautiful Treasures (Shaker)
  • Blue Bells of Scotland
  • As the Black Billy Boils (Australian)
  • Glowworm (Lincke)
  • Old French Song
  • The Tailor and the Mouse (English)
  • John Peel (English)
  • Meditation for September (Marsters)
  • Korobushka (Russian)
  • Bouree: Parson’s Farewell (English)
  • The Touchstone (English)
  • Hushabye (American)
  • Las Mananitas (Mexican)
  • Sourwood Mountain (American)
  • Layered Blues (Wooderson)
  • Marines’ Hymn (American)
  • Pappy Trackin’ (Wooderson)
  • Argeers (Renaissance)
  • Yankee Doodle Dandy (Cohan)
  • Tzena, Tzena (Israeli)


  • Pieces are sequenced from the simplest rhythmic patterns to the more complex
  • The first six pieces contain only quarter, half and whole notes (the optional percussion notation has some eighths)
  • Eighth notes are added in the next five pieces
  • Eighth rests occur in the twelfth piece
  • Dotted quarters, cut time and syncopation are added in various pieces that follow
  • Second position is suggested in two places