The Video Support Series contains over 60 videos directly linked to the curricular content and pacing of the First Year Guitar student text. In many respects, it “brings to life” written descriptions of playing drills and activities contained in the FYG Teacher Manual.

Each video ranges from 6-12 minutes in length and is designed for classroom viewing. In these highly interactive videos, Ed Prasse takes your students through playing drills and instructional content as though he were in your classroom. Meaning, Ed has the students playing during the majority of the video and even responding verbally at times!

Benefits to the Instructor and Students:

  • Provides a clear “target” for all playing assignments in the text
  • Provides a new “voice” or delivery mode to increase student engagement, especially in 90 minute block lesson settings
  • Provides clear models and reinforcement for sitting position and technique (you can say “Let’s sit/play it like to guy does in the videos”)
  • Gives the classroom teacher the ability to “roam and assist” during the video presentation
  • The videos can “teach the teacher” pacing and pedagogy specific to the guitar classroom (great for Non-Guitarist Music Educators)
  • Can provide a resource for individual student viewing if critical instruction is missed due to student absence
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