Julie Goldberg’s arrangement of the famous Canarios by Gaspar Sanz has a part suitable for every level of player. The hemiola or constant alternation between duple and triple meters is the main challenge of the work and an enticing characteristic of the piece.

Guitar 1 is the most difficult part and employs 1st through 7th positions. Guitar 2 is a more difficult part and employs the 1st and 2nd positions. Guitar 3 is the rhythm guitar part. Use a rasgueado strumming technique. Guitar 4 can be played by a traditional guitar or a contra/bass guitar if one is available. The part can be played in 1st position, or using 2nd position as fingered. Another effect found in the piece is the use of pizzicato (palm muting) in several parts. The tempo of the work should match the capability of the ensemble.