The compositions and arrangements are written by Nancy Marsters, Leo Welch, and Romana Hartmetz. This book contains 32 pages and is designed for the second-year player. It includes brief performance notes, historical notes, and a reference glossary of terms and symbols; no page turns are required in performance. In one piece a third page is provided for clarity as the piece is learned. Contents include a wide selection of styles in order to provide variety both in the classroom and in performance. Without CD: $9.95; with CD $19.95


  • Classical Styles:
  • Jon, Come Kisse Me Now (Ren.)
  • All in a Garden Green (Ren.)
  • Minuet (Purcell)
  • March I (Purcell)
  • March II (Purcell)
  • Two Rounds (Haydn)
  • Consolation (Burgmuller)
  • To a Wild Rose (MacDowell)
  • Leyenda (Albeniz)


  • Popular Styles (Past and Present):
  • Champagne Rag (Lamb)
  • Appalachian Rain (Welch)
  • Riffin’ (Welch)
  • Mood Blue (Welch)
  • Folk Melody (Vietnam/arr. Hartmetz)
  • Pizzicato, Please (Marsters)
  • Rosebuds in June (Ancliffe)
  • Old Molly Hare (fiddle tune)
  • Girl I Left Behind Me (trad. British)
  • Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine (trad. British)

position playing; position shifts; jazz chords; improvisation; strong right hand skills; harmonics; flat-picking (fiddle tunes).

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Champagne Rag

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